Smart product development & manufacturing

Smart product development and smart manufacturing use technology to develop and scale-up research to bring ideas, processes and products to market.

Smart products incorporate a variety of technologies including electronics, photonics, mechanics, wireless, chemical and biological, as well as advanced manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing (3D printing). Smart manufacturing enables you to link every part of your business, from the most distant part of the supply chain to delivery of a product to your customer.

We start by first understanding the problem that you want to solve or the solution you want to improve. We’ll then use our wide ranging expertise and facilities – which includes 3D printing, embedded electronics, wireless communication and photonics – to help you to develop and commercialise your products.

As part of the Innovate Tees Valley programme we offer intensive support for significant prototype development; from an initial gap analysis and small scale prototypes right through to demonstrating your prototypes in an operational environment. Teesside University’s state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment and microfabrication facilities allow new product concepts to be quickly and easily designed, as well as testing their feasibility and identifying the key elements of the supply chain, which will facilitate introduction of the products to the market.

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