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Is a Black or White Projector Screen Better?

Is a Black or White Projector Screen Better?

The projector is the device that gives you the best look which moves out from the lense. As you can see, the whole game is of light, so to answer this question depends upon some facts. We couldn’t just conclude that this color is best. Though debates on using a black projector screen versus white screen is a common thing and going for a long time. But we need to understand the science behind every statement. Here in this article, the difference between a black and white projector screen is explained perfectly that will end the debate.

Black Projector Screen vs White Projector Screen

Understanding the principle of light is very important before deciding any color for the project background. No one can say that white is the best or black is the best. Because of the wavelength of colors and wavelengths of lights, both matter in this case. The color of light which is coming from the source (projector) must overcome the color of the screen. Black projector screen vs white is simply a game of wavelength domination. The pros and cons of using both black and white screens are given below.

white vs black PJT screen

Black Screen

Black screens are best for ambient colors. The colors of light fade at the corner of a room. To make it visible on the screen, generally, the black screen is used. But in case, if the video or image has a black background on its own then using other colors except black will be meaningless. Apart from this, to make clear the shape of a particular object, it helps a lot.

But when it comes to making an object prominent then black screen fails. The black color is best to absorb the lights. So it will be hard to recognize the actual image if we use it.

White Screen

White screen can’t do the things that black can do. But the white screen is best to reflect the lights with intact intensity. While screens are good at reflection. So when you need to highlight the color of an object then use white and if you want to prominent the shape then use black.

The question is, how can we use white and black screens both at the same time? For this, you can buy two. But the solution is already there. The gray screen or the silver screen.

This is why the silver screen is used in cinema halls. So, there is no need to be racist. Find your needs and buy the color logically.