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Community Guidelines

We all want www.innovateteesvalley.co.uk to be a welcoming family of audio and music enthusiasts who want to learn, share and/or connect. Accounts are intended for personal use only. Please treat others with respect and civility at all times.

We’ve developed the following community guidelines in order for www.innovateteesvalley.co.uk to largely be self-governing. If you feel another user is acting out of line, please report it to us here. If we find you’re out of line, we will give you a warning. If you continue to be inappropriate, your account will be terminated.

Golden Rule

Treat people how you’d like to be treated. When you see cool stuff, leave a comment or get a discussion going. If someone posts something that doesn’t float your boat, don’t sweat it. You can vehemently disagree but please be polite and respectful. Discussions are encouraged; hating is prohibited.

Don’t forget the Golden Rule

Don’t hate, don’t threaten, don’t call people names, and don’t be angry. If someone is misbehaving, report it to us, don’t attack them. Enough said.

Don’t be offensive

There are users of all ages here. Please do not upload offensive images or videos containing nudity. This isn’t church, but keep your language clean. Respect other users (and if you have a problem, report it directly — don’t pick fights or make accusations in the forums or comments).

Be Encouraging! Don’t Be Insulting

When people know less than you do, be helpful and supportive. When you think you know, but you don’t really have first hand experience, be cautious of the limits of your knowledge. Be respectful of surprising points of view. Draw a clear distinction between accepted wisdom and what you actually know first hand.

Don’t steal photos and videos

Copyright is serious stuff. We respect those who create and will work hard to defend their rights. Do not post copyrighted material, unless you own the copyright.

Don’t rant about Dealers and Manufacturers

If you have a problem with a dealer or manufacturer, please take it up with them. If you do it here, we will delete it.

Don’t spam. Don’t self-promote

Don’t use our site for sending unsolicited advertisements, commercial messages, or bulk messages for nefarious means. If there’s a cool site you want to share, send it along only if it fits with the context and purpose of the discussion. Remember that there’s a fine line between enthusiasm and self-promotion. If we find you’re using links for commercial or other inappropriate reasons, we’ll terminate your account and delete your posts. If you see a problem with this, please report it.

Don’t hijack threads

Stick to the topic at hand. Don’t kill the dialog on an original post, especially to float your pet issue.