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What are the Cons of Installing a Car Dash Cam With and Without Motion Sensor?

What are the Cons of Installing a Car Dash Cam With and Without Motion Sensor?

The popularity of dashcam increases day by day around the globe. Most car users love to use a dashcam. On the other hand, some people don’t like it. If you want to buy a car dashcam then mind these things in your mind. These will help you to decide what is better for you or whether you need to buy it or not.

There are two types of dash cameras available in the market.

  • Dash Cam with motion sensor
  • Dashcam without sensor.

Here I am going to tell you the disadvantages of using a dashcam without a motion sensor.

Can divert your concentration

The most important thing while driving a car is concentration. Even a few seconds’ distractions can lead to something big. Majorities of car owners installed a motion sensor camera in their car for encouraging safe driving. But installing a dash camera at the wrong place can lead to a fatal accident. In the majority of accident cases because of driver’s concentration is being diverted by the dashcam that was installed at the wrong spot.

Potential to theft

One of the main cons of having a dash camera without motion sensor in a car increases the risk of being stolen. Because all of the dash cameras with or without motion sensors installed at the windscreen of the car. That leads to the potential for your vehicle to be stolen by theft.

Leads to misuse and become a privacy theft

The main aim of dashcam in the car is to help us to verify false claims, provide safety, premium insurance, and safe driving. But in the last few years, people are used to misusing it to record stunts, for fast driving and sharing it online, even sharing an accident video on social platforms. 

Battery consumption

There are many kinds of dashcam available in the market. But among them mostly all of them can drain the battery easily. If you join dashcam directly with the battery that leads to battery failure. Because while you turn off the car, it still provides power to the dash cam that causes it to discharge.

At last, any product has its pros and cons. There is no product available in the market with only advantages. It is upon you, is it perfect to use them or not.