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GoPro vs DSLR for Video

GoPro vs DSLR for Video

Are you a photo or video lover? Are you confused about which camera you have to use for video? Do you want to know the difference between GoPro and DSLR camera? Let me tell you that the comparison between DSLR and GoPro is like an unfair battle.

As we all know, size doesn’t matter when it comes to the camera. “Using GoPro versus DSLR for video” is nowadays an interesting question among video lovers. GoPro is a hard favorite for videographers because of its capability to capture high-quality fast action footage easily. On the other hand, DSLR cam manages high-impact videos as well as images. Majorities of videographers prefer DSLR to get high-quality images likely. While GoPro is still the best option for video.

Here we go through GoPro vs DSLR for video to know the advantages and disadvantages of both cameras for video, after comparing both systems you will definitely choose GoPro. These below things help you to decide which one is better for your filming.

Size of the whole kit

If we compare the size then Go Pro is bigger than DSLR. While the whole kit size with fully laden DSLR is bigger than GoPro Hero. If you want to shoot at complex locations where shooting with a DSLR becomes impossible. The best option for nasty locations is GoPro. On the opposite side, DSLR has its own benefits like a range of lenses and accessories that gives you the best scalable setup.


Inbuilt digital image stabilization makes a smooth flow video in GoPro. While. If you choose a DSLR, then you need a stabilizer rig. There are also a few cameras that have in-built image stabilization who work as good as GoPro. But Go Pro helps you to look like a professional videographer.

DSLR cam

Creative Control

With full aperture, shutter speed control, and a variety of lenses fulfill all your requirements for perfect images. A DSLR gives you a broad range of exposure and depth of field to get exactly what you want. While GoPro also has all the features but it is limited.


Lastly, GoPro and DSLR both have some pros and cons. it is hugely dependent on your requirement. You can choose anyone among them as per your needs like the atmosphere of the shooting site, required resolution, frame size, advanced features you want, and so on.