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Can You Stream a Live Video From a GoPro?

Can You Stream a Live Video From a GoPro?

Who doesn’t want an extraordinary life? GoPro is the type of camera for that full of your life with an outdoorsy and adventures. From underwater diving to sky diving from race to slow motion, GoPro is able to capture countless photos and outstanding video footage. Nowadays it is a trend of streaming a live video from a GoPro.  Even using a GoPro to stream a live video is one of the best ways to reach your audience worldwide remotely in real-time.

Go Live with GoPro

There are many kinds of models available like GoPro MAX, HERO8 Black HERO7 Black, and many more. These models can’t stream directly, you just need a smartphone with the GoPro app.

Broadcasting from a GoPro

If you are planning to set up your stream, there are few preparations you should consider before going online. Firstly, you have to install the GoPro app on your iOS or Android. Then connect your camera with the Wi-Fi network. Or you can use mobiles’ hotspot and pair with the device. Once you paired with a camera follow these steps to go online:


  • Choose the Platform

In the GoPro app, you can see numerous options. Go the right side until you get a “set up live” button. Here you get the platform you want to choose like Facebook Live and YouTube etc. choose as per your requirement.

  • Setting up a Live Stream

Once you choose the platform you go online. The app asks you to log into your account. Then permit the GoPro app to access, and connect with Wi-Fi. Also, you can set your visibility and resolution as per your need. Even if you write a description of your video and Go live!

Here are some advantages of streaming with GoPro:

  • Best image quality

With advanced color balance features GoPro provides you great quality of footage while you shoot at outside

  • Small size and easily portable

 One of the best things about GoPro is small size and lightweight. Even you can carry it in your pocket.

  • Waterproof camera

It’s a rugged and waterproof camera that no one can beat him. GoPro is highly preferable for underwater shooting.

  • Wear or mount anywhere

This tiny device is easily wearable on the head or you can mount it on your bike or a tripod, or anywhere.