NEPIC – championing collaboration

Innovation is essential to the long-term future of any business. Its benefits are far-reaching – from spotting new markets, to new ways of working and collaborating, to improvements in existing products and services – innovative businesses are more profitable and more sustainable.

Whilst many business leaders know where opportunities lie and understand the benefits, one of the main barriers preventing businesses from realising them is access to support.Through Innovate Tees Valley, NEPIC will work with chemical-processing and supply chain companies to address this issue directly – facing innovation and all of its hypothetical hurdles head-on, together.

We will offer the Tees Valley’s ambitious small business community the opportunity to tap into, not only the skills and knowledge of an experienced NEPIC team, but also the plethora of know-how that exists within our extensive network.

Be it product, service or process, we will support your innovation journey with market intelligence assistance; detailed innovation diagnostic; innovation frameworks and delivery strategy; facilitate introductions and identify collaborative R&D partnerships – as well as providing networking and engagement opportunities.

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