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Can a Digital Clock Lose Time?

Can a Digital Clock Lose Time?

Yes, a digital clock is a problem for you, because sometimes it loses its track. We have an idea that the digital clock can’t be wrong but that’s not true. By reading this article, you will understand the reason behind the time loss.

What are The Reasons Behind Digital Clock’s Time Loss?

There are so many reasons but the facts related to our daily life.

The first problem is the power supply. There is a limit for every circuit board to hang around. If it exceeds then it may burn sometimes. For the digital clock circuit board, may high voltage is not tolerable at all. The circuit goes down after using it for some days. Using a high power supply is the reason.

The second problem is the temperature. Generally, the analog display is made by the element Quartz. It only can tolerate temperatures between 23 to 28 degrees Celsius. Higher than that or lower than that may be the reason for digital Clock’s time loss.

digital clockThere is another problem regarding the peer supply option. If you are applying AC power supply this time then make sure its frequency is 50Hz. More than 50 Hz will be the reason for time loss. The PCB can’t work on high-frequency AC power supply.

Capacitors and resistors which are used to make this out, have a shorter life span if those are very old. After using it regularly, day by day it loses its ability to work. So that may be a reason also.

Whatever the reasons are, the consequences are the same. There are lots of Cons of Using a Digital Clock Time but the most harmful is getting late because of having no idea of actual time. So we need solutions.

What are The Solutions for Digital Clock Time Loss Problems?

Digital Clock Losing Time problems can be solved, We just need to arrange the proper environment for it. For DC supply, it would be better to use 3 voltage to 9 voltage power supply and for AC supply, using the 50 Hz current will be best. Using a Quartz analog clock is the only option you have. So try to put in a temperature between 23 to 28 degrees Celsius. And always use new components if you are making the clock by yourself.

If you take care of these precautions then your digital analog clock will last longer.