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Why Does My Car’s Clock Gain Extra Minutes Over Time?

Why Does My Car’s Clock Gain Extra Minutes Over Time?

From the time when the digital clock system has been added to the car, it has become a common problem that the car’s clock gaining extra minutes overtime. In-home, it is okay to make the Clock faster than the actual time but when you are driving a car, the wrong time or more specifically extra time can generate rage in you because of not getting late. So either way, it is a problem. Here in this article, we are going to find out the problem and solutions.

If the clock running fast in a car then the problem is with the clock, not the car. A car contains a lot of machines, high power supply, radio system, music system, analog for readings, GPS, and so on. Along with these, the digital clock is attached. There are lots of reasons of gaining extra minutes in a car. This also happens with regular digital Clocks.

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Quartz is generally used to make the digital clock because it is very helpful for electron and cation transportation. Quartz has some limitations like tolerating temperature between 23 to 28 degrees. It also can tolerate up to 50 Hz frequency. A car is sometimes heated up by high temperatures of sunlight. It is a serious problem. Though the car has a DC supply mechanism, if the power supply somehow exceeds the limit then the quartz analog is gone under high pressure. It affects the microcontroller processor. So there some extra minutes are added.

There are some other problems too. Like when you are using the GPS or the music system then the analog is getting affected because everything is connected. The parallel circuits are enough to supply high or low voltage in the digital clock. So the solutions are within the problems. You can ask a mechanic to set the digital clock with a single circuit and a separate power supply option. Now while you are driving the car and you need to check the time on the digital clock several times then keep the AC on. The temperature will be under control and the circuit board will be rescued.

This is all about the problems and solutions for your car and your digital clock in it. You need to apply these if you often use your digital watch while driving. To avoid any risks, it is the best choice to be done.