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Can I Use a Projector As a TV?

Can I Use a Projector As a TV?

Yes, you can use a projector as a TV. The steps are too much easy for using a projector as a TV. Modern TVs have the option to connect the projector, headphones, speakers and so on. So you don’t need to be worried about that but check that your TV has it before buying.

Just adjust the jack properly, fix the projector bulb, and face it towards a proper screen. Now before you start using your projector as a TV you should know all about its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using a Projector as a TV

The very first advantage of using a projector instead of a TV is living a life with healthy eyes. TV has some dangerous infrared radiations that hamper our sight. Directly emitted radiations cause harm but not the reflected ones. The projector gives you that advantage.


As day by day, the size of TV screens is increasing to reach the market demand, it is almost going to touch a projector screen size. Eventually, the price will also increase. So if you buy a TV at a suitable price and then use a projector then you can save money.

Additionally, you can take advantage of seeing the TV with lots of people. And if you are worried about the resolution quality of the projection then it will be intact. The projectors nowadays are made in that way to resurrect the quality.

Disadvantages of Using a Projector as a TV

Watching a projector as a TV is surely beneficial but not every projector can continue it. Not all but most of the projectors are made in a way that it can provide your service for 7 to 8 months. The reason is the bulb used in the Projector, can’t bear too many actions. TV is a device, we often start running without a second thought in our leisure but if we use more than 10 hours daily then the bulb will be destroyed. We have to buy a new one.

TV sound systems are another problem. You need to buy speakers along with a projector. Because if you see the images through the projector and listen through the TV sound box then it will be a mess. You can’t concentrate on certain things.

The advantages and disadvantages are discussed here. The rest is upon you. If you afford enough money to buy speakers and can fix a time limit to use your TV then using your projector as a TV is not a bad idea.