Innovate Tees Valley is here to help you take your business idea forward.

Be it a product, service or market exploration, we can provide extensive business and innovation support that can best help your company to innovate and grow.

This could be through:

  • Developing  new product or service
  • Improving a product or service
  • Improving a business process
  • Entering a new market

Find out more below about the support we can offer to SMEs in Tees Valley.

Creative FUSE Tees Valley

Creative Fuse Tees Valley is here to support creative, cultural and heritage businesses in Tees Valley to grow through innovation. If you want to do new things in your business to create and improve services, products or processes, then we’re here to help. We’ll help you identify possible solutions to your busine...


Innovation advice and support

If you have an idea for an innovative product or service, our experienced team at The Forge offers impartial innovation advice and support to help take your ideas forward. Our specialist knowledge of the innovation and funding landscape, coupled with industry-specific expertise, cutting-edge academic research and...


Knowledge Exchange Internships

Teesside University has an excellent reputation for offering practical and results-driven solutions for business. Our Knowledge Exchange Internships give you a unique chance to engage with academic and specialist experts, with part-funding from the European Regional Development Fund. Benefits to you Gives you ...


Smart product development & manufacturing

Smart product development and smart manufacturing use technology to develop and scale-up research to bring ideas, processes and products to market. Smart products incorporate a variety of technologies including electronics, photonics, mechanics, wireless, chemical and biological, as well as advanced manufacturing...


DigitalCity – leading digital innovation

Digital defines the way we do business today. For traditional industries, the extent to which they adapt to digital change is a major factor in deciding whether they succeed, stall or fail in the future. At the same time, digital is now the driving force powering the growth of new businesses and new sectors. Thro...


Materials Processing Institute

Innovation is about improving products, processes and services leading to business efficiencies and growth and is crucial to the continued success of any organisation. With over 70 years’ excellence in materials and process innovation, the Materials Processing Institute has extensive industry knowledge, and throu...


NEPIC – championing collaboration

Innovation is essential to the long-term future of any business. Its benefits are far-reaching – from spotting new markets, to new ways of working and collaborating, to improvements in existing products and services – innovative businesses are more profitable and more sustainable. Whilst many business leaders kno...


Tees Valley Business Compass: Innovation vouchers

Tees Valley Business Compass offer grants towards R&D activity, and to access specialist innovation facilities, technology specialists, equipment, product process or service design to facilitate job creation. Example Projects might include: Access to specialist testing equipment or machinery Market re...

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