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Managing business innovation and growth

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This half day workshop is designed for business owners and non-financial managers looking to invest in innovation and scale-up their business.

Sound financial management is the foundation of any business growth plan, enabling a business to scale-up without strangling it or running out of cash.

This workshop covers business planning for growing businesses, good financial management to support business growth, including basic tax planning, making capital investment decisions and managing risk. It will help increase the chances of success of delivering your new or improved product, service or process.

it also gives an overview of the alternatives to bank lending for funding business expansion and highlights how to become “investor ready”.

The workshop will:

  • Look at planning for business growth
  • Identify how to manage your business finances for successful innovation and growth
  • Understand how to manage working capital
  • Give an overview of business taxes and tax planning, with particular focus on R&D tax credits
  • Help you understand the capital investment decision making process
  • Look at the alternative types of finance available to fund your business expansion and those that might be most appropriate for your business
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