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3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

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08.30 – Networking Breakfast

09.00 – Welcome and introduction to the Materials Processing Institute

09.15 – Presentation 1

Autodesk – Asif Moghal, Senior Industry Manager, Design & Manufacturing

As the once separate disciplines of design and manufacturing converge, additive technologies are crossing the threshold from experimental to industrial, and establishing themselves as more mainstream in a surprising number of industries. Asif Moghul will share some real world examples of organisations who are adopting additive manufacturing as part of their mainstream work, and using it to drive competitive separation.

10.00 – Presentation 2

Go Print – Kevin Askew, Business Development Manager

This presentation will look at cost effective additive manufacturing, looking at the right solution and reducing the barriers to entry, using case studies to look at what can be achieved by replacing traditional parts for 3D printed parts and how this has led to additional benefits beyond just the item itself.

10.45 – Presentation 3

Paragon Rapid Technologies – Roy Crombie, DLS Account Manager

A presentation focussing on how Rapid Prototype Processes and Materials have advanced and evolved and how we can now change the design mind set to start to 3D print parts which can be used in production. The presentation will look at which processes are right for you and include a brief introductioin to SLS, SLA and DLS.


11.00 – Presentation 4

Teesside University – Professor Zulfiqur Ali, Director Healthcare Innovation Partnership

The use of photopolymer inkjet 3D printing will be described for the creation of multi-material parts with fine resolution. The presentation will give real world examples on the use of 3D printing with embedded electronics, photonics, mechanical elements and software for the rapid development of innovative products. A particular emphasis will be given on the use of 3D printing for IoT and medical devices.

11.45 – Presentation 5

Innovate UK – Dr Richard Cooper, Knowledge Transfer Manager – Projects

This presentation will outline the various opportunities available for UK companies and organisations of all sizes to access funding to help in additive manufacturing. It will cover options for organisations looking to set out on a journey into additive manufacturing, as well as those looking to move to the next level. The ambitions of the UK Additive Manufacturing Special Interest Group will also be shown and how this links to the UK additive manufacturing strategy.

12.30 – Questions and Networking

13.00 – Close

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